Can You Have Too Many Beer Taps?

Ever walk into a bar or restaurant, glance upon the massive beer tap list covering hundreds of ales and lagers, and after an hour of studying, decide on that same Irish Stout you always order? There’s an inexact science to curating a beer menu that not only meets the demands of your customers, but maximizes the profitability of your bar. But can there be such a thing as too many beer taps in your bar?

We are in the midst of the craft beer movement. There are more delicious and unique beer options than ever before. Customers are more adventurous than ever with their palette, demanding more variety in their beers. The trend of the ever-expanding assortment of beverages presents unique challenges to bar operators. Let’s take a closer look at a few of those challenges, and what operators can do to solve them.

Beer Expertise

Beer selection is a practice that the best bar operators put a lot of time and thought into. Differentiation is key, as bar operators can immediately stand out from their competitors by showing off their beer expertise with extensive beer taps. Today’s beer enthusiast might walk into a bar with three beer taps and be turned off by what they perceive as a lazy operator who isn’t in tune with the current trends. A bar operator that offers a wide selection of beer not only shows they are abreast of the beer industry and its trends, but also that the operator is in tune with his or her customers. The easiest way to showcase that expertise is to cycle in seasonal beers, limited editions, and other specialty craft beers.

Beer Quality

Regardless of whether your bar has 10 beer taps or 100, each and every draft pour needs to be fresh and flavorful. With expanding menus and extensive offerings comes the challenge to maintain quality in each pint of beer. Different promotions and bartender recommendations can help ensure that each tap is being put to good use. Serving food in your operation? Why not mention a particular beer that would pair well with each menu item? Not only will it showcase that expertise, but it can drive customers to trying new styles of beer they normally wouldn’t try.

Customer Confusion

A beer tap list with more options than a customer knows what to do with can be overwhelming. If a customer wants to try a new beer, he or she will likely ask the bartender for more information. This type of challenge is where an experienced bartender and operator truly shows their worth. If a customer walks in to your establishment and utters “I just can’t decide,” then like Batman seeing the Bat Signal, the bartender can come to the rescue. Offering small samples or gauging what the customer prefers to drink are just a few ways to eliminate that customer confusion, earn trust, and ensure their repeat business.

Helping bar operators meet these challenges is what Perlick does. And the first impression is what counts.

A bar with an extensive beer tap list needs aesthetically pleasing beer taps. The mark of a successful bar operation is one that can master both.

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