How to Create the Right Beer System on the First Try

Getting your beer system right on the first try is critical. And to get it right, beer system engineers have to consider all the hard questions and not gloss over the details. But what are those questions, and what are some of the correct answers?

To begin, it’s important to ask what kind of pressure source do you need?

This is determined by the distance of your beer run, as well as the changes in elevation when comparing your cooler to your dispensing station. This will determine whether you should use carbon dioxide or a CO2/nitrogen blend. In addition, if your draft beer program includes a popular nitro beer or you’re serving wine-on-tap, a 25/75 blend of carbon dioxide to nitrogen will be needed.

Beer system engineers don’t rely on assumptions. They make sure every variable is measured and your system is calibrated before it leaves the factory.

Where is your operation located?

The perfect beer system requires a wide range of considerations, and where you live determines a lot of these factors. Beer system engineers will consider elevation, temperature, and other factors when designing the right beer system for your operation. They will apply beer science when developing effective and efficient beer system solutions. It takes a lot more than a question or two to do it right.

Your pressure recommendations shouldn’t be based on assumptions. If you’re in Denver, Colorado, for example, where the air is thinner, you’ll need to increase pressure to maintain proper balance. If you’re in Florida with high heat and humidity, you’ll need to consider that to keep your beer at proper temperature. A good beer system engineer will do this.

Can your beer take shortcuts?

While we don’t recommend taking a figurative shortcut on the quality of your beer, or the quality of your ingredients if you’re a brewer, your beer can take a literal shortcut. If your design accommodates it, you can run taps directly through your cooler wall with a Perlick Cooler Tapping Kit. This saves money, time, and gives you even greater control over maintaining temperature.

What’s the key to a balanced beer?

A balanced beer begins with the right blend of yeast, malt, hops, and other ingredients, but a balanced beer is delivered with a balanced beer system. Whether it’s a traditional glycol-cooled system or a system that delivers beer right through your cooler wall, a good beer system engineer won’t assume or base your system specifications on guesswork. Make sure your beer system is engineered by professionals who know how to achieve balance.

Learn more about achieving balance with your beer system. Discover The Art and Science of Perlick Beer Systems.

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