Perlick Profile: Get to Know Brion Felix

One of the best things about Perlick associates is the unique and varied life experiences they bring with them. Perlick employs several veterans, who we are especially proud of. While it’s important to honor our heroes every day of the year, Veterans Day is a special time to reflect on their sacrifices. In this Perlick Profile, we sit down with Brion Felix, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Brion started at Perlick in April 2018. He is a Lead on 2nd Shift, working in Underbar. He is 25 years old and was born and raised in Milwaukee. Brion served as a Lance Corporal in the Corps, specifically as a 0311 Infantry Rifleman. He was based at Camp Pendleton in California during his three years in the service. He loves a cold Spotted Cow after a long day and also enjoys Hennessy Cognac occasionally. His favorite spots to hang out with friends are Duke’s and McGillycuddy’s on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee.

Let’s learn a little more about Brion, and his time as a U.S. Marine.

Perlick: Why did you join the Marines, and are you glad you did?

Brion: I just needed some structure in my life. I wasn’t a wild child, but I just was all over the place and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’m glad I did it. It taught me a lot about the world.

Perlick: What does Veterans Day mean to you, especially now that you are a veteran yourself?

Brion: It gives me an extra appreciation for what we went through, and all other veterans before us. It makes me proud to be able to say I served our country.

Perlick: Were you ever deployed? What was a typical day like, and what did you learn?

Brion: I was never deployed. (He says his mom was very happy about that!) A typical day was wake up, eat breakfast, train, study, lunch, train some more, go to class, have dinner, and then we’d get some time to ourselves sometimes. I learned the history of the Marines – where the Marines originated, how it began, and the importance of the Corps itself.

brion felixPerlick: What made you decide to work at Perlick when you got out?

Brion: I just happened to find this job through a temp agency at a job fair, and it blossomed into what it is today! I enjoy the work. I’m a hands-on type of guy, so building products like this is very fun for me.

Perlick: How did the Marines help prepare you for your leadership role at Perlick?

Brion: In the Marines, we had Squad Leaders, so I was a leader there. That helped me learn how to control situations and think more logically. As a Lead at Perlick, I try to be understanding. I don’t want to be overbearing. I’m friendly and talkative, but I also want my team to understand what they are doing and be prepared.

Perlick: How does Perlick support veterans like yourself?

Brion: I would say Perlick supports Veterans by hiring vets. We have veterans from several different eras working here.

Thank you so much for your service Brion, as well as all the other Veterans here at Perlick and across the country!