How a Front-Loading Faucet is Simplifying the Underbar

From speed rails to beer towers, keeping a bar productive and efficient will keep the profits pouring. Installers of bar equipment need that same efficiency when installing equipment like ice chests, sinks, and faucets. Nothing can derail a bar or foodservice operation like downtime needed to install new underbar equipment. It negatively affects both the installer’s and the bar operator’s time. And in the bar industry, time is money.

Take the faucet on your bar’s sink. The ease of installation should be equal to the ease of operation. When installers are mounting a water faucet behind a bar, they want equipment that will save them time on the installation. And now that equipment is here.

Introducing the front-loading faucet from Perlick.

A Perlick front-loading faucet for TS Series hand sinks and multi-tank sinks simplifies installation and provides easy access for servicing with its intuitive design. Since the faucets are mounted from the front of the sink, there’s less time needed to install the equipment with its easy-to-access parts. Not only does it save time, but operators will be paying less for labor too. Servicing is also a breeze with its front-loading design.

front-loading faucet

Safety of both the customer and the bartender is vital for any piece of bar equipment. The front-loading faucet is no different. The faucet valves include built-in check valves to prevent back flow or cross flow. Additionally, the faucets are lead free, keeping unsafe water away from those using the equipment.

Ease of use is enhanced with the addition of optional equipment for the water faucet. For instance, foot operated hot and cold water controls and wrist blades on the faucet handles give even the busiest bartender control. The end result of a front-loading water faucet is an efficient, safe, and affordable beverage environment for bartenders and bar operators.

The Front-Loading Faucet is just a part of Perlick’s Top Shelf Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment. To see the rest of the award-winning design, download the Perlick Underbar Design Guide today.

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