How the Push Back Creamer Increases Profits and Customer Satisfaction

It sounds like the unicorn of the bar and beverage world, but there is a beer faucet that increases profits and customer satisfaction at the same time. The Push Back Creamer from Perlick is a new option that allows operators to pour the perfect pint with just the right amount of foam every time.

We’ve already established how much you can save with the right beer system by limiting the amount of beer wasted through excess foam, but by following the right guidelines with the right equipment, it’s also possible to increase guest enjoyment.

The Push Back Creamer operates much like any other beer faucet. Pull forward on the tap for normal flow, but as the glass is nearing the top, bartenders can “push back” to activate a creamer piston that finishes off the pour with the perfect head.

By pushing the handle back, a stainless steel piston moves to expose small holes. The turbulence created by beer passing through the holes produces a creamy head – and a satisfied guest. When the handle is released, an internal compression spring moves the piston back to stop the flow of beer.

The Push Back Creamer is available on all standard and flow control forward sealing Perlick Faucets.

See the variety of Forward Sealing Faucets available from Perlick in the Faucet Guide, and put the Push Back Creamer to work in your bar.

Perlick Forward Sealing Faucet