How Wine Column Refrigeration Takes Wine Preservation to New Heights

For any restaurant’s wine program, successful wine preservation hinges on two major factors: storage and display. Proper wine storage is key to maintaining flavor profiles and quality. Just as important, however, are the conditions in which the wine is displayed. Is your wine program profitable? If not, you’re likely not addressing these pillars of wine preservation.

In order to achieve optimal wine preservation, it’s important to be aware of the challenges operators may face.

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The Challenges of Wine Preservation


It’s no secret that the success of wine storage depends on combating the enemies of wine: inconsistent temperature, oxidation, and light exposure. Wine storage equipment must be able to precisely control temperatures for a variety of wines, or risk changing the flavor profile. Humidity control will prevent corks from drying out, exposing wine to the air, which leads to oxidation. Storage units must also keep harmful UV rays away from the wine.


For many foodservice operations, space is often at a premium. This not only inhibits where wine can be stored, but also how it can be displayed. If a restaurant’s space limitations prevent it from maintaining optimal wine preservation, it will be obvious at first sip.


Supporting a large wine list can often require multiple refrigeration units running continuously. That leads to higher energy costs to operators, at a time when energy-efficient equipment is in demand to keep those costs down.


Wine storage and display carry a huge influence in how much wine restaurants sell. Restaurants that perceive their wine program as high in quality will present that wine in a more positive light. That can mean featuring a prominent wine list on the menu, or bringing the wine into the public eye with a physical display in the restaurant.

Introducing Wine Column Refrigeration from Perlick

Wine Column RefrigerationPerlick’s energy-saving line of heavy duty column wine refrigeration takes wine preservation to new heights. At 7-feet tall, this refrigeration unit combines high capacity storage with a small 24” x 24” footprint. Storing up to 99 wine bottles, Perlick’s wine column refrigeration allows for vertical storage that preserves the quality of any type of wine.

Temperature control in Dual or Single zones keeps both red and white wines tasting their best while displayed in ideal temperatures. Showcasing a select vintage? A display shelf can show off high value wines to guests. With low energy consumption and using R600A Isobutane Refrigerant with no ozone depletion, Perlick’s Wine Column Refrigeration is environmentally friendly.

The latest unit for storing and displaying wine is another example of the bar and beverage innovations Perlick has been crafting over the last 100 years.

To learn more about wine preservation, download the Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration Guide. Click below to get started.