Perlick Profile: Get To Know Mitch And West Goad

Talk about keeping it in the family! Perlick isn’t only a 103-year-old, family-owned, 5th generation company. We also have some multi-generational associates who work side by side with their family members. In this Perlick Profile, we chat with Mitch and West Goad. Combined, the father/son duo has worked at Perlick for more than 4 decades, and they have a great story to tell.

Mitch was born and raised in Milwaukee. He and his wife Mary have 4 boys, ranging in age from 25 to 33 years old. Mitch and Mary home-schooled all 4 boys! In addition, Mitch has worked at Perlick’s manufacturing plant for 36 years. He loves Milwaukee, especially living near Lake Michigan.

Mitch’s oldest son West started working at Perlick in 2012. His background is in making eyeglasses, so it’s been an interesting transition to bar and refrigeration equipment.

You can tell just by talking to Mitch and West that they are a close family, and enjoy each other’s company. Let’s learn more about this father son team!

Perlick: Tell us more about your Perlick journey.

Mitch: I was hired by a cousin who worked in Personnel. He’s long since moved on, but I’ve been here 36 years and it’s been a journey. There’s been a lot of changes over those years that I’ve gone through. The legacy that we have here is something we all want to be proud of, and should be. We’ve all worked with so many people for so many years – not a lot of people can say that. Some of them have gone on, some are still here yet – the old timers. And when they move on, it’s kinda like, you’re losing like a good neighbor, or a cousin or something like that, you know. You miss them. But at the same time, with the newer folks coming – it’s been great. I’ve been blessed with a lot of great coworkers, I don’t care what department I’ve been in over the years.

Perlick: What skills do you hope to pass on to the next generation of Perlick plant associates?

Mitch: The soldering operation – I’ve been training a few people some of the techniques. You get people coming from other departments, and I’ve been able to share with them as well. It’s good to see that – the up and coming generations – who are going to write another chapter and build a legacy here at Perlick.

Perlick: Tell us more about what soldering entails.

Mitch: What you want in soldering is you want to achieve water-tight seams.. and what you do to accomplish that, you have to have nice smooth solder fills. So you have to have proper heat, clean the surface with the flux, have the   proper amount of solder of course, and you always test what you’ve been soldering for potential leaks, and fix them on the spot.

Perlick: Soldering by hand – it’s a form of art, isn’t it?

Mitch: Yeah! When I say soldering is an industrial art, I consider it as such. Welding as well – it’s all industrial art. But soldering is a lot different than being at a machine. It’s a little more free form, and at times it’s forgiving because you can always re-melt a seem and smooth it out better, but if it’s something that’s in the view of the customer, you don’t want to go outside that seam and smudge your solder either. So you have to be very careful with the aesthetics, so it’s always a challenge to be neat.

Perlick: West, what’s it like working with your dad?

West: We don’t get to work together too often, but I mean, it is great. I can come in, see him. We get to see each other every day, and keep in touch – probably more so than most. Now I’m working in power packs – you get to make all kinds of things over there. I’m learning new products.

Perlick: How are your skills applicable outside of work?

West:  I’ve learned a lot of different things that I’ve been able to apply in my own life, like soldering or braising – I’ve been able to fix copper parts in my apartment, and probably would have never been to do that before.

Perlick: What do you each like to do in your spare time?

Mitch: I love to read. I play guitar or attempt to, I like to fish up north, and I just take care of work and take care of my family. My wife and I have been in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood a long time.

West: I’m in a couple local bands. (The Stalones and The Primitives) Mostly rock and roll type of stuff. Good time, fun time stuff!

Perlick: Since you work all day producing top of the line bar and restaurant equipment, we have to ask – what’s your favorite local restaurant, and your favorite drink?

Mitch: I don’t drink alcohol, haven’t had for 30 years. But honestly my favorite drink is milk – me and Pat Boone – we love milk! I like to go to Zebb’s Restaurant – it’s a 24 hour/7 days a week family restaurant not far from where we live. We go there for breakfast quite a bit.

West: I like coffee, and I like Dark and Stormy’s – those are good. When it comes to restaurants, Café Lulu is really good. My favorite bar is probably Burnhearts.

Thank you Mitch for your dedication to Perlick for almost 40 years, and West for following in your father’s footsteps! A big thank you as well to all of our multi-generational employees – we are proud that our employees want to continue the tradition of working at Perlick Corporation.