Perlick’s Underbar Equipment Wins Best In Class for 12th Straight Year

Just when others have perfected straight lines and 90-degree angles, Perlick throws a curve. With unique, ergonomically designed underbar equipment like the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station and the Ice Cream Station, Perlick has been recognized as the Best-In-Class underbar equipment leader for the 12th year in a row from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.

FES Dealers Best In Class Underbar   FES Consultants Best In Class Underbar  FES Overall Best In Class Underbar

Underbar fabrication is a specialty at Perlick. Our innovative features provide benefits of maximum efficiency and productivity for bar tenders and beverage program operators everywhere. Cutting edge design with a dedication to improving ergonomics is the reason Perlick underbar equipment has been recognized as Best-In-Class by dealers, consultants, and through the Overall Best-In-Class Award.

To see the full range of award-winning underbar equipment available from Perlick, download the Perlick Underbar Design Guide today.

Learn more in the Perlick Underbar Design Guide.