Serving Draft Cocktails in “Non-Cocktail” Bars

What if we don’t care about ‘craft cocktails’?

You don’t have to, and that’s the point. Not every bar wants to invest the time, resources, and training to maintain a craft cocktail program. But just because your operation isn’t looking to create a “craft” program, that doesn’t mean draft cocktails aren’t an option.

With Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System, if you can make a batch of margaritas or a bowl of punch, you can have a high-quality, high-volume drink served on draft and available around the clock, just like you do with draft beer or wine.

From Long Island Iced Teas to Mai Tais, Cosmopolitans to Old Fashioneds, any drink can now be put on tap.

If you can change a keg and pull a tap handle, now you can offer any drink you want, and service it in under ten seconds.

Just think of how much more money you could make by putting just one of your highest-volume specialty drinks or cocktails on tap. Imagine your entire staff pouring the exact same balanced specialty drink or margarita without all the waste, long ticket times, ridiculous “keg shaking,” or inconsistent results.

The Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System is the perfect solution for serving margaritas in Mexican restaurants and taco shops, Moscow Mules at airport bars and arenas, and Old Fashioneds at a good, old fashioned neighborhood dive bar.

Draft cocktails are also a way to highlight featured recipes. If your bar has a signature drink, serving it from a draft handle will elevate and underscore its importance to your entire clientele. And even better, you can sample guests and build up loyalty just like craft beer tap rooms do.

No matter what kind of bar, restaurant, or foodservice business you own or operate, now you can cash in on the draft cocktail trend and tap into the improved speed, enhanced shelf life, superior consistency, sampling, and lower pour costs of cocktails on tap. Without all the headaches. Only from Perlick, the most trusted name in draft systems for more than 100 years.

[Download the Tobin Ellis Signature Series Catalog with draft cocktail system options.]

This new draft cocktail system is the first product line extension of the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station, an underbar unit that is designed for speed and built for comfort. With so much emphasis in today’s marketplace to create higher quality at faster speeds, the Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System from Perlick is an unbeatable, and profitable, option.

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