Three Things You Can Learn About Perlick at the Factory

The Perlick factory just outside of Milwaukee can be a large and overwhelming place. But if you know what to look for, it can also be an eye opening place that sheds light on the whole Perlick philosophy. One of the easiest ways to learn about Perlick is to go behind-the-scenes.

Quality and innovation are the names of the game. From back bar refrigeration to spool after spool of beer lines, as you walk the floor of the Perlick factory, you can see a lot of factors that contribute to quality and innovation. Here are the top three:


The people make Perlick. Every day, our highly trained engineers, machinists, testers, trainers, and entire staff create the quality that we ship to our customers. From soldering to polishing, our equipment might operate like a science, but it’s created like an art.


We’re in the beer business, and we believe people should drink quality beer. Part of that quality comes from beer that’s served at the right temperature. When you see the massive spools of beer lines inside the Perlick factory and take a closer look at what they contain, what you’ll see are beer lines containing copper tubing that cools the beer on every inch of its journey. With a Perlick beer system, your beer is literally cooled from the keg to the faucet. How’s that for detail?


At Perlick, we believe in testing our equipment so it works the way you expect it to right outside the box, no matter where you open that box. For example, if you’re opening a tiki bar in the Florida Keys and you want to serve cold bottles of beer out of your Perlick back bar refrigerator, you probably want that unit to work no matter how hot and humid the conditions. In our factory, we have three rooms called Apollo, Zeus, and Poseidon (someone here likes Greek mythology) where we can recreate just about any condition on the planet. You want that underbar refrigerator to experience a 100-degeree day and a 30-degree night? We can replicate that within minutes.

Learn more about Perlick’s dedication to quality and innovative bar and beverage equipment.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Perlick process, contact us to set up a personal tour of our factory. Or, to learn more about our equipment and find out which solution is right for your operation, take a look at our Bar & Beverage Guide.


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