What to Look for in a Beverage Dispensing Tower

Every beer dispensing tower should pour an enjoyable glass of beer for the customer and a profitable one for the bar owner and operator. There are several factors within a beverage dispensing tower that contribute to these objectives. Let’s take a look at three of them:


Maintaining the proper temperature of beer is vital to the preservation of quality. This includes the trunk housing, as well as the beer dispensing tower. Beer dispensing towers should be glycol-cooled and have the insulation that isolates heat exchangers to eliminate sweating and foaming.


Each beer should have the perfect amount of beer and head with every pour, every single time. At Perlick, we use patented factory-balanced restrictors to assure this happens.


Poor sanitation can destroy flavors at best and become a health hazard at worst. Perlick has the most sanitary beer and wine faucet ever made, and it’s the only one that’s NSF approved. The patented forward-sealing faucet protects the valve from exposure to air-causing bacteria, and with a more vertical spout angle, there are no flat areas for residue to collect or bacteria to grow.

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