Why Mexican Restaurants Should Serve Draft Margaritas

Picture this. It’s Cinco de Mayo, the first wave of customers hits at lunch. Your signature margaritas are expertly crafted, ready and waiting… on tap. With different draft margarita options, restaurants can provide both top shelf and house margarita options that will appeal to a wider audience with different preferences and at different price levels.

Thanks to the new Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail Dispensing System from Perlick, your drink is perfectly mixed, quickly dispensed, and boasts exact quality each time, regardless of which server or bartender is on duty.

Your impressed customers order a second, knowing it’s going to taste just as good as the first. Lunch service goes off without a hitch, and dinner service follows suit.

Let’s dive in further to learn how to make this dream a reality at your Mexican restaurant.


When your cocktails are batched and ready to serve, this translates to happy customers. People want to drink margaritas with their chips and salsa before they settle on a meal. And when they get that first drink quickly, they’ll have more time to focus on enjoying the experience.

Efficiently poured margs also means servers are free to give more attention to each guest, and to focus their efforts on meal delivery and accuracy.

When your margarita process is streamlined, it provides more opportunity for a better dining experience as well.


When your most popular margarita is ready at the pull of a tap, no matter which server or bartender is doing the pulling, that drink is going to be the perfect quality, every time.

This allows you to utilize any available staff to help with lunch and dinner rushes, or to step in during happy hour or on busy weekend evenings, freeing up your bartender to focus on crafting other drinks.


In addition to quality staying the same regardless of who’s serving the drink, quality will also be maintained whether it’s the first drink from the keg, or the last.

That’s because we’ve created a draft cocktail system based on recirculation that pulls liquids from the bottom of the keg back to the top, rather than just spinning it in circles.



Indecisive guests? When you have several margarita options on tap, providing samples of each one is simple and fast. With the craft beer scene becoming so popular, diners love ordering flights as a way to try multiple beers during one meal.

Consider adding a margarita flight to the drink menu, or pair a different mini margarita with each course.


Now that you can serve margaritas on draft the right way, it’s possible to improve profitability while maintaining drink quality.

Learn more about this new system when you get the Draft Cocktails Essentials.

Get even more details on speed, consistency, sampling, and profitability.