Why Your Bar Should Consider Draft Cocktails (and How to Do It)

There’s probably not a single bar owner who doesn’t like the idea of improving profitability while maintaining quality. When done right, draft cocktails provide this exact combination of benefits, but over the years, there have been many setbacks that have made draft programs intimidating, if not unsuccessful.

Historically, if you wanted cocktails on tap in your operation, you likely needed equipment from home brewing stores to create special lines that can handle the higher acidity of cocktails. And then you needed someone who knew how to put these parts together in a way that works. Not anymore.

Perlick’s new turn-key unit has everything you need to put cocktails on tap, today, so you can experience all the benefits of a draft cocktail program.

Kegged cocktails extend shelf life, lower costs, increase throughput, and increase consistency.

Pre-shift cocktail batching has been going on longer than most of us have been alive, and even the current cocktail movement has seen draft cocktails for more than a decade. A quick review of online cocktail menus will reflect this, and in some cases, bars are even offering multiple draft cocktail options.

Draft cocktails are a smart and easy way to improve speed-of-service without sacrificing quality, meaning solid, consistent cocktails can be served quicker while lowering pour cost. This increases revenue, and as we said, what bar owner doesn’t want to increase revenue when quality can remain the same?

Draft cocktails are also a way to highlight featured recipes. If your cocktail bar has a signature drink, serving it in draft format will underscore its importance to your entire menu. And even better, you can give small samples to uncertain customers.

So why aren’t more cocktail bars successful with draft cocktail systems?


The number one issue with mixing spirits of different consistencies is that the spirits will settle and separate, creating inconsistent cocktail pours. But Perlick solved this problem.

Introducing the Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System

Perlick’s draft cocktail system, the Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System by Perlick, starts with an NSF-approved, circulating pump that draws the beverage from the bottom of a keg, pulls it through a pump, and then returns it back down to the bottom of the keg. This circulation maintains proper mixing levels without over-agitating the beverage, ensuring a properly mixed, high-quality cocktail.

[Download the Tobin Ellis Signature Series Catalog with draft cocktail system options.]

This new draft cocktail system is the first product line extension of the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station, an underbar unit that is designed for speed and built for comfort. With so much emphasis in today’s marketplace to create higher quality at faster speeds, the Tobin Ellis Signature Draft Cocktail System from Perlick is an unbeatable, and profitable, option.

See what America’s bartenders are saying about the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station in this short video.


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